Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity with Susan Sherayko





June 2021
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Unless we allow ourselves to experience the grief that accompanies great loss, major obstacles may prevent us from healing, restoring or creating something entirely new. 

In the episode, you will learn how to finish uncompleted business and find pathways to healing so you can channel grief into creativity, and change the story you are telling yourself in order to move from victim to victor. 

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Rev. Sandra Anne Daly writes from personal experience.  In her first book, Choose Your Universe, she talks about learning that we get to choose what our experience will be.  In Pop Your Paradigms, she reveals the inner battle of our thoughts between negative default thinking and conscious positive thinking.  And most recently, in Successfully Mid Air, Sandra lays out the tools and positive questions that made it possible for her to escape a violent marriage, travel to a town where she had no job, no prospects, no housing and no friends to rescue her own life and rebuild anew.  Join us as Susan and Sandra talk about the inner work that enables us move from whatever disaster or circumstances we have experienced to the lives we choose.

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In this episode, you'll learn how Noah St. John turned his life around when he discovered the power of positive self-talk, specifically through Afformations.  Susan and Noah talk about what Afformations are, how they are used and the benefits you can receive when you use them.  

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In this episode, you'll learn about the landslide that destroyed Susan's home, the path she took to recover, where she is now and the message she wants everyone to know:  You can transform your life by changing what you’re telling yourself.   Whatever your circumstances, you can experience health, financial security and a sense of well-being once again.   Get inspired, find tools and techniques that can empower you to move from disaster through survival to prosperity.    

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